Business aspirations for the European elections

Simon De Cesare, MBB President

This Opinion Piece featured on The Sunday Times of Malta, on 14th April 2019


The European election is the democratic process by which citizens from across the EU elect their representatives to the European Parliament, who will be jointly responsible to pass legislation with the Member State governments on proposals made by the European Commission.

This puts a big responsibility on elected Members of the European Parliament, as first and foremost they will be tasked with interpreting how EU legislation impacts their own constituency; how it will affect certain economic sectors that may be predominant in their economy; or the practices of various interest groups from all segments of the society they represent. MEPs’ job is to stroll through the maze of EU legislation, searching for ways to create opportunities and divert any possible dangers.

This is no simple task as there is no winner takes all in the EU legislative process. With hundreds of MEPs affiliated with political groups of different ideology and emanating from Member States of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds, success is only possible through persuasion, persistence and the a...